Google Cloud Storage

Quickly setup a secure file sharing solution using Google cloud storage, with file server cloud enablement and remote file access features. Mobilize your employees to efficiently work from home.
As more and more businesses move to work-from-home in a time of crisis, employees need reliable and efficient ways to access company file servers and continue to collaborate on files as if they were still in the office.
Google cloud storage is a reliable and scalable cloud storage service. Together with Gladinet, it becomes a secure file sharing solution with file server cloud enablement.
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What is Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage provides worldwide, highly durable object storage that scales to exabytes of data. You can access data instantly from any storage class, integrate storage into your applications with a single unified API, and easily optimize price and performance.
Storage classes for any workload
Storage classes determine the availability and pricing model that apply to the data you store in Cloud Storage.
Location types for different redundancy and performance needs
Cloud Storage has an ever-growing list of worldwide locations where you can store your data with multiple automatic redundancy options.
Object Lifecycle Management
Configure your data to automatically transition to lower-cost storage classes when it meets the criteria you specify, such as when it reaches a certain age or when you’ve stored a newer version of the data.

What Does it Mean to You?

For your business, you would like to take advantage of Google data centers and infrastructure for remote employees working from home, but you don't want to write code to use the raw Google Cloud Storage API interface. You need to find an application that is already integrated with Google Cloud Storage and ready to go.

Using an analogy, Google Cloud Storage is like hard disks in a computer, which is hard to use without the Windows file server software sitting on top of the disks. Gladinet can turn Google Cloud Storage into a secure file sharing service by layering software components on top of the underlying Google Cloud Storage services.

Gladinet's secure file sharing solution includes file server enablement, remote file access, version control, drive mapping, file locking and data protection. It is a file server application over the Internet.

Cloud Storage for Secure File Sharing

Migrate file servers to Google for remote access, secure file sharing and data protection!
Secure Access & File Sharing
Gladinet bridges file servers and Google cloud for secure remote access and file sharing.
Data Protection
Gladinet leverages Google cloud as a central cloud file repository with version control, file change history and audit tracing to provide business continuity for file servers on-premises.
Easy Cloud Migration
Gladinet sets up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and Google that can be seamlessly converted to Google only.

Files and folders over the Internet

Fore remote mobile workers, drive mapping and file locking are the two basic features for accessing files and folders over the Internet.

Gladinet solutions come with desktop agents that can map a network drive to the underlying Google Cloud Storage service and its buckets, with file locking feature.

Besides, Gladinet's mapped drive also comes with many advanced features. These features include local file caching, resuming transfer errors and survive Internet glitches, version control and conflict detection, endpoint encryption and protection and other features.

Secure File Sharing Features

Gladinet solution comes with remote mapped drive and these advanced features to make it user friendly and pleasant to use over the Internet.
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Web Link
Share files and folders via web links
Outlook Integration
Send email attachments as web links
Reliable Transfer
For lengthy file transfers to survive Internet glitches.
Endpoint Encryption
Encrypt files sitting in the local cache.
Version Control
Modifications to files are kept as old revisions in case they will be useful in the future.
Conflict Detection
When employees go offline and continue to modify files, the source version of the modification is recorded for later comparison.

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