Gladinet Cloud HOWTO

Basic Operations

How to upload files
How to download files
Other file and folder operations
How to restore deleted files in versioned folder
Understanding the Gladinet Cloud Dashboard

User Management

How to add or delete users
How to update a user's quota
How to change a user’s login email and password
How to change the default quota for new users
How to import Active Directory users
How to define group policies
How to delegate Administrators

Group Management

How Groups work
How to Create a Group
How to Assign Users to a Group

Admin Tasks

How to check Audit Trace
How to check File Change Log
How to Brand Team Edition
How to Delegate Management Task to Sub Users


Team Folders
What’s a Team Folder?
How to setup a new team folder and publish it to sub-users
How to publish an existing folder to sub-users
How to manage end user permissions to access a team folder
How to change sub-folder permissions
How to lock a file in a team folder
Differences between publishing and sharing
How to share files and folders
How to stop sharing
How to access 'files/folders shared with me'
How to prevent sub-users from sharing
How to protect shares with login credentials
How to subscribe to file change notifications for a team folder

Extending Gladinet Cloud

How to attach your local folder to Gladinet Cloud
How to attach 3rd party cloud storage in Gladinet Cloud


Team Client vs. Server
Locking and Concurrent Access
How Gladinet Cloud works when accessing files simultaneously
How locking works in team folders
How to lock a file manually
How to setup distribute lock